Bengal Safari Park expecting new members as tigress gets pregnant

The North Bengal Wild Animals Park here is all set to welcome new members as tigress Sheela has conceived again, officials said on Saturday.

Stating that Sheela is pregnant, its director Dharam Deo Rai said since the park is closed for visitors due to the lockdown, the tigers are free to roam around.

Probably this has led to the good news for the park, also known as Bengal Safari, he said.

“It is great that we are about to get new members in the park,” he added.

Last time Sheela’s partner was a tiger named Snehasish but this time, it appears, the father is Bibhan, Rai said.

She gave birth to three cubs last time and of them, one was a white tiger, he said.

Of the three cubs, two survived, he added.

Sheela has been under surveillance since the authorities came to know about her pregnancy recently.

The keepers are taking good care of the tigress, another official said.

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