Are you guilty of having a bad texting posture? Find out

One needs to be mindful of their posture when they are on their phone, or working on the laptop

Even before the pandemic, this phone-addict generation would text standing up, sitting down, lying on bed, and in absolutely any position they would find themselves in. And this habit has not really changed, for the pandemic has made us all more tech-dependent.

Most of us are on our phones for a major part of the day, and this habit has led to many physical problems, particularly that of bad posture.

Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, along with physical therapist Dr Hemakshi Basu, took to Instagram to highlight some bad texting postures that we may be unaware of.



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* The first one is texting while standing. Instead of craning the neck downwards, we must put our head up, and bring the phone to the eye level. Keep in mind and the shoulders have to be relaxed.

* The next is texting while sitting. The correct way would be to slide back, instead of slouching, put the shoulders back, and use the eyes to meet the phone and not the neck.

* Texting while lying down entails using a pillow to support the neck, and resting the elbows on a surface, as opposed to letting them stay in the air.

One needs to be mindful of their posture when they are on their phone, or working on the laptop, because in the long run, it can cause the body to assume a form which may not support it. In case you want to learn more about ‘text neck’ and how it harms us, click here.

Are you aware of these proper postures?

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