Amy Jackson posts topless pic to ‘spice lockdown up a lil bit’

Amy Jackson took to Instagram recently and posted a topless pic to ‘spice up lockdown.’ She captioned the pic, “Spicing lockdown up a lil bit with @desiree_mattsson @nikki_makeup @patrickwilson I genuinely think having hair this high was the highlight of 2020 soooo thanks Patch.”

In a past interview to Filmfare, the actress spoke about her past relationships. She said, “That’s because I’ve been away from home. When you’re on your own in a hotel room, you want someone to talk to. Your friends have their own lives, so they’re not always available. Relationships were like a comfort blanket. Initially, I was vulnerable. Knowing you’ve got somebody to call, visit you and be your support is comforting. But that has changed now.”

Talking about how she reacted to failed relationships, she said, “I felt lonely. My films made me feel so much more alive and satisfied than any of the persons could make me feel. That made me realise I didn’t need any of this nonsense and heartbreak. Just do what you love.”

As you might be aware, the actress went back to UK after Deewana Tha. Speaking about it, she said, “I was feeling isolated. I was just 19 and living in Mumbai on my own. I did have people who supported me through everything. They advised me to go back and take some time out for myself. Because Mumbai is such a buzzing city full of people that it can actually make you feel lonely. Also, my film didn’t work out.”

She added, “I wasn’t sure what to do here, although my projects down South were going fine. I thought I’d go back home and figure things out. And then, Shankar offered me I. It made me hungry for work again. The film changed things for me.”

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