After electoral shock in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee comes up with poetry

While she remained the only major opposition leader to not tweet wishes for Narendra Modi after the BJP’s spectacular victory in the Lok Sabha polls, Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday evening sprung a surprise as she posted a poem on her Twitter handle.

“The colour of communalism, I do not believe in. There is aggression and tolerance in every religion. I am a humble servant of the gentle Renaissance raised in Bengal. I do not believe in selling religious aggression, (I) believe in a religion that draws light from humanism,” Banerjee wrote in the poem titled “I Do Not Agree” which was also translated in Bengali and Hindi.

It did not mentioning any person, political party or the elections.

“Those who expediently use religion as a trump card and reside on mountains of riches. I keep myself engrossed in my numerous duties while you appear to have no such qualms,” she wrote. These lines, incidentally, sounded very similar to the allegations she made against the BJP during her 69-day election campaign.

“When the whole world is but one country, O why this arithmetic that seeks to make aggression a virtue,” Banerjee says in the concluding lines after asking people who believe in tolerance to unite.

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No Trinamool Congress leader was willing to comment on the poem.

The BJP paid her a left-handed compliment. Jay Prakash Majumdar, vice president of Bengal BJP said he had sympathy for Banerjee.

“Isolation and pain of defeat has inspired many to become poets. The chief minister’s poem is an expression of her grief on losing the polls and her frustration for losing the faith of voters. We have full sympathy for her. May the Almighty give her the strength to get over this grief,” said Majumdar.

“Probably Banerjee fears that after this election there will be more polarisation in Bengal. The poem is probably a sign of her anxiety,” said political commentator Suvashis Maitra.

First Published:
May 25, 2019 10:23 IST

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