10 types of students you meet during DU admissions

The admission season in Delhi University has officially kicked off, and soon all we’ll see is students hustlin’ around to get into their preferred colleges. Although the admission process can be quite tedious, it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring, right?

You’re going to come across many students during this season and we are going to help you identify them whether you’re a student or not. Here are 10 types of students you might find during the epic college hunt. Here it goes…

The Researcher

This type is a complete strategist by nature. They know every detail of the admission procedure and everything that one needs to know about a college. Also known as the data banks, these students have a simple mission in mind — get in, secure admission and get out. While they might not be the most approachable, if you manage to befriend this type, it might just ease your hunt too.

The Investigator

Much like The Researcher, this type too deals with information. But, they are different. They have scored
and they have probably narrowed down their colleges too, but what they crave for most is the information others hold and will always be ready to strike up a conversation to gather more. They will interrogate you
for minutes and they will be aware of your marks, school, choice of college, and sometimes, even the most obscure details of your life. Beware!


If you thought the MET Gala’s Camp was a teeny weeny ‘extra’, you’d be surprised when you meet this type. They dress to the nines (at least in their minds) and have pretty much elected themselves as the coolest fuchcha on campus even before they’ve actually secured admission. They seem to know all the tropes and popularity is something they’re already fishing for when they talk to other aspirants.

The Timeless

This variety consists of geeks and overachievers. The ones who want the best, and wouldn’t stop unless they get it. They’re always running out of time and are hassled because they probably were able to squeeze only an hour between their multiple entrance exams to come to DU for admission. Don’t waste your time trying to strike a conversation here, because they’ll be halfway through another entrance test before you finish your question.

The Nostalgics

Imagine these as the human embodiment of KK’s hit song Pyaar Ke Pal. It’s just been a few weeks since they are out of school but the past is what they’ve chosen to live. They thrive on nostalgia and will often be seen referring to what all their ‘group’ did in school, and how it was all the ‘best time of their lives’. Befriending them isn’t easy too, since they stick with their school friends and you’d have to be screened by the entire group before you make the cut.

The Shocked

DU admissions have some skyrocketing cut offs, but no matter how much this variety might know this they are always shocked by them. You might find this anxious soul wandering the halls and checking notice boards, often being super dramatic about how cut-offs are unfair and how life sucks. Hanging around them for too long might just turn you into one too. Be careful, very careful.

The Performers

No one exudes more confidence than this variety. They’re born performers and are super chill about admission season. Average scores don’t scare them and they’d always be carrying a bag full of certificates in medals because ECA is the cure for every admission problem. For this variety, admissions are just another time to shine on the stage.

The Party Scout

If you’ve seen party promoters hovering around in Hauz Khas Village, you’d recognise these too. They care less about courses or colleges but more about all the happening haunts around campus. One talk with them and you’d be updated on the best party spots around colleges and you might just get invited to the first fuchcha party of the season. College life is liberation for them and they want to make the most of it.

The Bollywood Fan

Dressed like their favourite star, humming a Bolly tune, you’d find this variety looking at the college like they’d look at their first love. They’d enter classrooms like they own them, maybe even show you a few moves when they’re walking through the field. But, that shouldn’t surprise you. They’re complete Bollywood buffs, and are probably behaving this way because they’re breathing the same air that Shah Rukh Khan or Arjun Rampal once did. They don’t choose colleges on reputation, but because ‘SRK uss class mein padha tha’.

The Parent

You’re never really going to meet this type because their parents are making all the efforts to secure admission for them. They’re fresh out of school and don’t want to face the big bad world without their parents — who double up as their shields. Now you know why there’s a 40-something person trying to figure out the admission process. Approach this type at your own risk as you might get schooled for your marks and life choices.

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First Published:
May 23, 2019 15:15 IST

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