Youth urged to defend Hindutva from destructive forces

BJP MLA from Hyderabad Raja Singh Thakur inaugurated Hindu Sneha Milan, a get-together organised by some pro-Hindu organisations, in Belagavi on Sunday.

He said that Hindutva was under threat from rising Islamic and Christian forces. He gave a call to youth to defend Hindutva from destructive forces.

“Hindus should protect themselves. That is because neither the BJP Government at the Centre nor the one in the State will protect Hindutva,” he said.

“I will give a call to youth to come to the streets wielding swords and protect Hindutva,’’ he said. He said that some Christian groups were trying to finish off Hindus by forcible mass conversion and through fraud. Hindu groups should form teams in each village to fight forcible conversions.

He said that some Congress leaders were trying to create division among Hindus, on the lines of caste, sub-caste and language. Congress leaders want to organise fights between Hindus and watch from the sidelines, to gain political benefits, he said.

Member of Parliament Mangala Angadi, Member of Legislative Assembly Anil Benake and other leaders were present.

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