Youth gives out of his penury

Donates first month family pension to CM fund

A physically challenged postgraduate youth, who has been given family pension following the demise of his father, a driver with Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, and then his mother, has donated the first month pension to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund.

After the demise of his parents, S. Raja from Kottur Road in Palayamkottai had submitted a petition to Collector V. Vishnu on February 8 seeking continued disbursal of family pension to him as he was unable to find a job due to his disability.

Mr. Raja’s father Sudalaimuthu died in 2007 and his mother Esakkiammal on January 1 this year. As a differently abled person with 90% disability, he was left alone without any income. “I submitted a petition to the Collector to recommend to the government to give the family pension to me to lead an independent life without being a burden for others. The Collector helped me get the family pension. So I’m donating the first month pension to the government which is fighting against COVID-19, I handed over the cheque to the Collector today,” said Mr. Raja.

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