Yash, star attraction of SGNP, has cancer

One of the key attractions of Sanjay Gandhi National Park’s (SGNP) Tiger Safari, the male tiger, Yash has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The 11-year-old tiger, unwell since last year was operated twice after a tumour was seen on the face.

A team led by senior veterinary surgeon, Dr. C.C. Wakankar and Dr. Manish Pingle had operated on the tiger in in August last year and in March this year to remove the growth on the left side of his lower lip. Samples of the tumour, known as granuloma and weighing approximately 400 gm, were sent for testing.

The tests by pathologists at the Mumbai Veterinary College showed a rare type of cancer. However, Dr. Shailesh Pethe, veterinary officer at SGNP, who was part of the team that performed surgery on the tiger, said samples have been sent to several laboratories to confirm the diagnosis.

The tiger who has lost considerable weight since his surgery in March is on a strictly regulated diet of small amounts of buffalo meat and chicken.

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