Withdraw all steps taken on deep sea fishing: KCBC

The Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC) has asked the State government to withdraw all steps it had taken on deep sea fishing off the coast of Kerala.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday against the backdrop of a controversy over building deep sea trawlers, the bishops’ council said that the decision to enter into an agreement with a foreign company on deep sea fishing was not acceptable. However, the the fact that the government had decided to retract its decision was of great relief to the coastal community. The bishops’ council said that the presence of a large number of fishing trawlers would destabilise the conditions of the deep sea and also affect fishing operations. The State government-owned Kerala State Inland Navigation Corporation had said it had entered into an MoU with a US-based company for building trawlers. The agreement was worth ₹2,950 crore. Fishers’ unions had protested against the agreement and called for a coastal bandh on February 27 if the government did not go back on the agreement.

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