Why is he hiding Sai Dharam Tej face? He injured face?

We have already reported that Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej met with a bike accident on 10th September and fractured his clavicle bone. Almost a month since his accident, Supreme hero posted his first tweet and thanked everyone for their overwhelming love and support for him and his film, Republic.

He also shared a photo of himself showing his thumb up and promised to see everyone soon. Yesterday  Harish Shankar also met Sai Dharam Tej and shared a post on his twitter where he said: “Met my brother Sai Dharam Tej and had a wonderful talk,  Happy to say that he is super fit and getting ready to conquer.” Harish Shankar also shared a pic that featured the director and Sai Dharam Tej’ hands.

Last week, Chiranjeevi shared that Sai Dharam Tej is “returning home after fully recovering from the accident, having had a miraculous escape, making us all happy  and grateful!”  Megastar  called Sai Dharam Tej’s recovery as “nothing short of a Rebirth for him!” The  fans of Sai Dharam Tej are eager  to know that why  did Harish Shankar not show the actor face? Is Sai Dharam Tej injured his face?

One of the netizen Jaisena said: enduku evaru face pettatledu? Another netizen said: Eye degara Chala takindhi that’s why Covering face I think Motham tagginaka Anna ney Munduki vastadu hope for the best.

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