Why I Left Mayawati

‘People are saying Mayawati has an understanding with the BJP.’
‘They are calling us the BJP’s ‘B’ team which I did not like.’

The assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh will be held in early 2022. As expected, there is much political churn. Politicians are changing parties and going towards what they feel are greener areas.

Ganga Prasad Baudh was officer on special duty to Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati when she was Uttar Pradesh chief minister from 2007 to 2012.

Last week he left the BSP and joined the Indian National Congress.

Baudh tells Rediff.com‘s A Ganesh Nadar why he left the BSP, a party he has been a member of for 34 years.

You were OSD to Mayawati when she was chief minister. Were you a government official?

I was the OSD from 2007 to 2012. I was not a government official. I was a full time party worker. I am a graduate. I was given this position during (BSP founder) Kanshi Ram ji‘s time. I worked in various positions with great responsibility.

How long were you in the BSP?

I was in the BSP for 34 years. I joined the BSP while I was still in college.

Why did you leave the BSP?

The reason is that people are saying Mayawati has an understanding with the BJP. They are calling us the BJP’s ‘B’ team which I did not like.

Everything is being privatised today. Whatever progress we made in 60 years has been destroyed in the last 7 years.

Everyone likes to join the ruling party. Why didn’t you join the BJP?

The BJP is selling the country. Even their party workers are not happy. Only the Congress is good for the country.

People are saying the Samajwadi Party is the biggest challenge to the BJP in the assembly election. Why didn’t you join the SP?

Akhilesh Yadavji is overconfident. He is neglecting his seniors exactly like the BJP did to (Lal Kishenchand) Advaniji, (Dr Murli Manohar) Joshiji and others. There are youngsters surrounding him.

He is getting crowds, he will not get votes. Even if he wants to form a government, it has to be with Congress support.

The Congress is looking like it is losing strength in Uttar Pradesh. Why did you join the Congress?

The Congress is the party for the poor and the unemployed. I have joined with my supporters. You know the situation in the state, in the country, in the government. Only the Congress can make the situation better.

How do you think you can make the Congress stronger?

We will follow the Congress path. I will bring new workers to the Congress. Four more groups of people will join the Congress with me. We are strengthening the party.

Will you be contesting elections?

I have already told the party that I will not be contesting elections. I want to serve the party now.

What do you think are the weak points of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh?

There is nothing good happening here.

Should the Congress go alone in the elections or do you need allies?

The Congress is going to fight the assembly elections alone next year. I am very happy about this. When you have allies nobody knows your real strength. Only when you fight alone will people know your strength.

This will be a new beginning.

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