What Google Says About CCI Orders

For the first time since Google was pulled up by India’s anti-competition watchdog, the tech giant has come out with a statement.

In a blog, Google said, it has partnered deeply with India in the last several years of its exciting digital transformation.

However, at a time when only half of India’s population is connected, the directions in the Competition Commission of India’s (CCI’s) order strikes a blow at the ecosystem-wide efforts to accelerate digital adoption in the country.

Google is appealing these directions before Indian courts.

While there has been a lot of reporting and debate on the subject, it is critical that our users and stakeholders understand the full import of what lies at stake.

Over the last 15 years, through Android’s free open-source software and suite of high-quality apps, Google has helped device manufacturers make smartphones more affordable by a vast margin.

Today, any user can get their hands on a fully functional smartphone at less than Rs. 6000 from numerous brands.

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