What do the doctors say about Panch Prasad's health condition?

It has been proven in many things that the lives of those who entertain on screen are not as great as they think and imagine.. It is known that news about the health of Panch Prasad, who is popular with the comedy show Jabardast, has been going viral for the past few days. Now Nookaraju has released another video about his health.

Prasad has been suffering from kidney problems for some time. He himself said this many times. Not only that.. He also joked about his health many times as a comedy. He participates in the show while undergoing dialysis every week. But recently the situation has become serious. He is currently undergoing treatment. Prasad came home from shooting one day and told his wife Sunita that he had a slight fever.

After that he was unable to walk. When I went to the hospital, the doctors said that the pus had spread from the waist to the left knee. This resulted in the condition of being completely unable to walk. Comedian Nookaraju took this amount as a video and posted it on Panch Prasad’s YouTube channel. In this sequence, many netizens and fans made comments wishing Prasad a speedy recovery. Recently Nukaraju posted another video on YouTube giving an update on Prasad’s health. Currently, Panch Prasad’s health has recovered a bit.

A visual showing a stick or a man walking with help. Nookaraju said that since the last four to five days they have been loading salines and they have to do the same for another four days. Prasad went to the hospital and underwent a scan. Doctors said that Prasad will be able to walk after another week. On the other hand, Nukaraju said that he will post another video after Prasad’s complete recovery.. In the video, Prasad thanked everyone who wished for his recovery.

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