Washrooms for persons with disabilities to be set up at Madras High Court

As of now, the washroom is only available on the ground floor, but construction is underway for washrooms on the first and second floors as well, at the century-old building

Persons with disabilities will soon get washroom facilities on the first and second floors of the 129-year-old heritage building of the Madras High Court, as the construction of two more storeys of a stand-alone toilet block is under way.

As of now, the washroom facility is available only on the ground floor. People on the top floors had to either come down or travel a long distance to the toilets in the annexe building. It caused great inconvenience to people with disabilities.

According to a senior court official, the washroom facility was available on the first floor also about two decades ago. However, that toilet block was in a dilapidated state and hence while reconstructing it, the block was restricted to the ground floor.

Subsequently, when complaints surfaced regarding the absence of disabled-friendly toilets, the washroom block was modified accordingly, and facilities such as hand railings and sliding doors were provided on the ground floor.

Now, it has been decided to add more two more storeys to the washroom block so that it can be accessed from the first and second floors too, of the heritage building. The funds were allotted and construction is almost complete, the official said.

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