VACB questions K.M. Shaji in bribery case

Crucial documents, evidence received: official

Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau investigating officer and Dy.SP Babu Peringeth has said that crucial documents and evidence have been received against K.M. Shaji, MLA, in the case related to the complaint that he received a bribe of ₹25 lakh to allot Plus Two course at Azhikode High School during the tenure of the previous United Democratic Front government.

After three hours of questioning Mr. Shaji, Mr. Peringeth said here on Thursday that the interrogation of the MLA in the case was yet to be completed and he would have to be summoned again. He was summoned to hear his side and now his claims had to be verified.

So far 26 witnesses had been questioned and 14 documents verified. Most of the documents were crucial that pointed to details on the spending and expenses of the school, which were now being verified, he said.

Further details could not be revealed as more people had to be questioned in the case, he added.

Politically motivated: MLA

The MLA told the media after the interrogation that the case was politically motivated and that the Chief Minister was behind the conspiracy.

All questions asked by the investigation team were answered and he had the firm conviction that there was no evidence in the case.

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