Two arrested for assault on policemen

The Urwa Police arrested a man and a woman on the charge of assaulting two police personnel and misbehaving with a police inspector in the police station on Wednesday.

The police gave the names of the arrested as John Sequeira and Novel Sequeira.

The police said that in a case of non-payment of maintenance charges by Novel Sequeira, members of apartment owners association had a fight with her. This led Novel Sequeira’s daughter to file a complaint with the Urwa Police accusing an association member of harassing her, while the latter filed a complaint against Novel Sequeira and her daughter under provisions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act in May this year. After a series of talks, the dispute was resolved and the two parties decided to withdraw their complaints at the police station.

Novel Sequeira came to the police station with John Sequeira, who acted as her legal advisor, on Wednesday. The two reportedly misbehaved with the police inspector in the latter’s chamber. After coming out of the chamber, they reportedly assaulted woman police constable Pooja Hiremath. They also reportedly assaulted head constable Narayana who tried to prevent the attack on Ms. Hiremath.

Ms. Hiremath and Mr. Narayana were admitted in the Government Wenlock Hospital. Police Commissioner N. Shashi Kumar and other police officers met the injured police personnel in hospital.

The Urwa Police registered a case under provisions of Section 353 and 354 of the Indian Penal Code.

In a statement, Mr. Shashi Kumar said that the police have videos on how the accused conducted themselves in the police station. He also said that people should behave in a responsible manner in a police station and raise their grievances with senior officials, if their problems are not attended to properly.

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