TS police develops COVID Care app to monitor biometrics

When vitals entered show a critical range, app automatically alerts COVID control room

To constantly monitor the vitals of COVID affected personnel, and provide them with immediate medical assistance, if required, Telangana police have developed a new mobile app called ‘COVID Care’.

The department has mandated the isolated officers to upload their body temperature, oxygen level (Spo2), and blood pressure, three times a day. This information is processed by the app and it sends real time alerts to the officials and unit officers concerned.

Explaining the salient features of the app, a senior police officer said when the biometrics entered show a critical range like oxygen levels falling below 95 and constant rise in body temperature, the app automatically alerts the unit officer and personnel concerned at COVID control room in the district/commissionerate about the critical health condition of the personnel.

“So, this helps in providing logistical support to the person in need as it saves time and health,” the officer said.

While registering, the personnel should enter if they have symptoms, need oxygen support and ventilator support, apart from their test results. They can also add the details of their family members in the COVID Care app.

Daily Health Update, Request for Support and Add (COVID +ve) family members are the three key features in the newly-developed app, and its data is consistently monitored at the DGP office.

The Admin (unit officer or COVID control room) can see the number of positive cases, active cases, recovery cases, deaths, critical cases, severe cases, mild cases and stable cases on their dashboard.

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