‘Tribals under pressure to attend meet’

Maoists compelling them to take up disruptive activities, says SP

Superintendent of Police Sunil Dutt on Monday alleged that the Maoist rebels were indulging in coercive tactics against Adivasis living in border villages along the inter-State border with Chhattisgarh and forcing the latter to attend their meeting in the Puttapadu-Pesallapadu forest area slated for September 21.

In a statement, the SP charged the Maoist militia members with exerting pressure on Adivasis inhabiting Chennapuram, Yerrampadu, Battigudem Kurnapalli, Bodanelli and other border villages in Charla mandal to attend their Tuesday’s meeting and bring ration without fail.

The rebels are coercing Adivasis of interior areas to dig trenches and set up sharp spikes as part of their disruptive activities, the SP charged, calling upon tribal people of border villages to desist from the activities of the banned outfit.

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