Trekkers on Kodai hills detained


Following information that unauthorised people, in small groups, indulged in trekking on Kodaikanal hills and peripheries, special task force personnel have been posted at vulnerable points for round-the-clock surveillance.

Except for essential services and movement of goods and commodities, the government had banned others from moving from one point to another.

Hill stations have been closed for tourists. Only those with valid passes, residents and others on emergency duty were permitted.

Under such circumstances, it came to notice that people gained entry under the pretext of emergency calls but indulged in trekking. This is not only illegal but also violation of laws during pandemic times, a senior officer in Kodaikanal said and added that last week, 10 people, who had come on five motorcycles, were detained.

The police had imposed hefty fine against those who were spotted roaming without any valid reason. To discourage them from stepping out of their doors, the health department officials took swabs. The results, in many cases, turned out to be positive. However, when the officials checked, the mobile numbers were incorrect.

Hence, it had been decided to penalise the violators and seize their vehicles.

Meanwhile, the ghat sections in Kodaikanal and in the neighbouring Theni district too were brought under total surveillance.

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