Traffic diversion in Coimbatore city

To facilitate drinking water pipeline work on State Bank Road

Coimbatore City Police have announced changes in traffic pattern on State Bank Road (Railway Station Road) for 16 days from December 29 (Wednesday) to January 12 (Wednesday) to enable Corporation lay drinking water pipeline on the road.

Vehicles from Avanashi Road bound via Railway Station Road will have to take the Uppilipalayam signal, Avanashi Road flyover and Good Shed Road and proceed to Ukkadam. Vehicles bound for Tiruchi Road could take the Lanka Corner, Government Hospital, Classic Tower Junction, West Club Road, Race Course, Sungam roundabout and reach Tiruchi Road.

Vehicles from Avnashi Road, Anna Statue junction could take the Huzur Road, Race Course Police station, KG Theatre, Government Arts College, Government Hospital, Lanka Corner and reach Ukkadam or railway station. Vehicles from Avanashi Road old flyover and Dr.Nanjappa Road could take the Uppilipalayam Junction, Red Cross junction, KG Theatre junction, Government Arts College, Classic Tower and then proceed to Ukkadam or take the West Club road to reach Tiruchi Road.

Vehicles from Tiruchi Road and Ukkadam could use the Railway Station Road as one way.

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