TNAU predicts normal South West Monsoon for Coimbatore

Krishnagiri, Tiruppur to receive above normal rainfall

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Agro Climate Research Centre has predicted normal South West Monsoon rainfall for Coimbatore. In the western region, it has predicted excess rainfall for Krishnagiri and Tiruppur districts.

The South West Monsoon season starts in June and ends by September.

A release from the Centre said the Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode, Namakkal, Salem and Dharmapuri districts in the region would receive normal rainfall – plus or minus 10% of normal rainfall.

Krishnagiri and Tiruppur would receive 10% rainfall in excess of their normal rainfall for the season – the Centre had predicted that Krishnagiri would receive 420 mm rainfall as against its normal 375 mm and Tiruppur 180 mm as against normal 151 mm.

Coimbatore, the Centre said, would receive 200 mm rainfall as against its normal 210 mm rainfall. The Nilgiris would receive 860 mm rainfall as against its normal 875 mm.

The release added that the prediction had a 60% probability level.

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