Tiger MDT23 recuperating well in Mysuru

The tiger, who had killed two people in Gudalur, was captured two months ago by the Forest Dept from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, and sent to the rehabilitation centre for wildlife in Mysuru

More than two months after he was captured by the Forest Department from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR), tiger MDT23, is recuperating well at the rescue and rehabilitation center for wildlife, in Mysuru.

Shekar Kumar Niraj, Chief Wildlife Warden of Tamil Nadu, said that the condition of the tiger, that killed two people in Gudalur and MTR, had “improved a lot and [it had] gained weight to touch approximately 200 kilograms.”

The tiger was very frail when he was captured, after being darted by the Forest Department. His chances of survival at the time of his capture were put at 50/50. However, in the time since he was taken to Mysuru, his condition has gradually improved, with his abscesses and around 7-8 injuries which were sustained, having fully healed, said Mr. Niraj.

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