This is Hyderabad, not Ahmedabad: KTR

TRS working president targets BJP in roadshow

“This is not Ahmedabad but a clever Hyderabad to believe you people and we reject the divisive policies,” TRS working president, K.T. Rama Rao thundered referring to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during his road shows in support of his party candidates on Saturday.

KTR’s intentions were clear that his tirade against the BJP will not stop till the campaign is over and he stuck to his ‘development vs destruction’ plank saying TRS stood for development and the BJP was here for destruction. Addressing impressive gatherings at four places, he harped on the development agenda and how Hyderabad has emerged as global city with the efforts of the ruling party.

“Let us not give an opportunity to party that will destroy it,” was his focus of all the meetings even as he asserted yet again the TRS dreams for Hyderabad. Not a single pie has come from the Centre to the city, he claimed and asked the BJP leaders to get funds to the city rather than making hollow claims. “Pakka local” was our slogan he adopted to remind people TRS was the local party and BJP was a Delhi party.

The Minister, who is the star campaigner, for his party was visibly happy at the gatherings and he threw caution to the winds removing his face mask that has become a part of his functioning over the last six months. Is there any leader other than KCR with a heart for Telangana, he asked and reminded how the Chief Minister responded after the city was hit by unprecedented floods.

Opposition parties don’t help and at the same time put spokes in government’s efforts, he said claiming the financial distribution for flood victims was forcibly stopped with representations to the State Election Commission. It is laughable that they stopped people from getting ₹ 10,000 and are now promising ₹25,000, he said in reference to BJP chief Bandi Sanjay’s announcement.

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