‘Theatre progress in Maharashtra good’

Play based on Bhyrappa’s novel Parva to be staged at Kalamandira

A one-day symposium on S.L. Bhyrappa’s novel Parva was held here on Sunday.

The symposium “Parva Virat Darshana” was held as a precursor to the staging of the play at Kalamandira from March 12 to 14.

The novel, adapted to theatre form, has been directed by Prakash Belwadi and the tickets for the 7.5-hour long show were on sale from Sunday.

The occasion also marked the release of the Russian and Mandarin version of Parva, regarded by critics as Bhyrappa’s magnum opus.

At the inauguration of the symposium, Mr. Bhyrappa remarked that theatre in Karnataka had not notched the kind of progress made in Maharasthra. There were hundreds of theatre groups in Maharasthra and people tend to make a beeline to watch the plays though there is a entry fee through tickets for the show. This helped theatre flourish in Maharasthra, he added.

Mr. Bhyrappa said art and culture should not depend on government grant or patronisation for growth and should be patronised by public. In this context, he mentioned the functioning of music academies and organisations none of which receive government funding and yet thrive on the basis of the patronisation of the music lovers.

On adapting his novel for theatre, Mr. Bhyrappa said Mr. Belwadi held elaborate discussions with him and having witnessed a few rehearsals, he could say that cinematic effects too have been introduced in the play.

‘Shatavadhani’ R. Ganesh delivered a special lecture on Parva.

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