The Only Jagan’s Plan That Did Not Go Right

Just before elections, Daggubati Venkateswara Rao along with his son Hitesh joined the YSR Congress party. Though Venkateswara Rao was not interesting in contesting the polls, he had to because his son who had dual citizenship, was not eligible to contest. So Daggubati got into battle field from Paruchur constituency. The last four times Daggubati contested, he won effortlessly and the fifth time, he tasted a defeat for the first time.

This defeat had dented YS Jagan’s plans. Well it was if Daggubati had won, Jagan planned to make him as assembly speaker in case YSRCP comes into power. This would have made Chandrababu Naidu address Daggubati as ‘Adyaksha’ in the assembly hall. Before the polls, there was a wide talk about it and everyone thought this would certainly happen. This is the only plan of Jagan that did not go right.

Daggubati Venkateswara Rao lost to TDP’s Yeluri Samba Siva Rao with a margin of 1647 votes.  Daggubati secured a vote share of 46.97 percent.

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