Teachers in Chikkamagaluru relieved by circular on dress code

A circular issued by the Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) of Chikkamagaluru district, clarifying the dress code for women teachers and non-teaching staff in schools, has gone viral on social media. B.V. Malleshappa, the officer, has said there is “no restriction” on the staff members attending work wearing churidar.

The DDPI issued this circular on July 13, following a request from the Chikkamagaluru District Primary School Teachers’ Association. Several teachers, particularly those in private schools, had complained to the department that the heads of their schools had objected to teachers attending to duty wearing churidar, insisting they had to wear sari instead.

“The association and teachers wanted a clarification on this issue. The circulars issued by the State government in 2013 and subsequently in 2017 stated that the staff members should wear a ‘decent dress’. I have reiterated the same in the circular,” he said.

The officer, in his circular, said, “Teaching and non-teaching staff members are free to attend to their duty wearing a decent dress. It is not possible to snatch away their individual freedom by directing them to wear any particular attire.” Furthermore, he directed the heads of institutes, both government and private, not to raise objections to any “decent dress”.

The copy of the order has been shared by many teachers and those in other professions on social media. Many have thanked the officer for issuing such a circular. “I have noticed many people sharing the circular… I have just reiterated what the previous orders stated,” said the DDPI.

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