TDP movesNHRC over‘atrocities’ against Dalit

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Monday wrote a letter to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), appealing the latter to send a team to Andhra Pradesh for a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged atrocities meted out to Karakata Mallikarjun, a Dalit youth from Nellore district.

TDP national general secretary and politburo member Varla Ramaiah, in the letter, described Mr. Mallikarjun as the victim of ‘hooligan politics of the YSRCP’ and ‘violence by police’.

He said that Mr. Mallikarjun was beaten up by goons at the instance of some YSRCP leaders. When Mr. Mallikarjun tried to run away, four goons chased and attacked him. Later on the same day, he was arrested by the Kodavalur police and a a false case was registered against him and a rowdy sheet opened. Mr. Mallikarjun was released the same day on station bail after people protested the high-handedness by the police, alleged Mr. Ramaiah.

“Only a quick and immediate response from the NHRC can restore faith of people in the Constitution,” he said.

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