T. Rajendar appeals to govt. to abolish VPF and local body tax

‘Producers must get a share of revenue from online ticket sales’

Actor and filmmaker T. Rajendar, who is running for the post of president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council in elections slated for November 22, said on Wednesday that the virtual print fee (VPF) and local body tax should be done away with.

He also appealed to the State government to renew C-form licences without a fee. With this demand, the Tamil Film Active Producers’ Association, which was formed a few months ago by former members of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council, is on the same page as the latter on the issue of VPF.

Mr. Rajendar also demanded that a part of the revenue earned through online ticket sales be given to producers. “Producers should be given a rupee every time a ticket is sold online. VPF has been discontinued. Just like Hollywood studios, we will only provide the content from now on. A theatre should have its own projector. Times have changed,” he said.

Despite the digital cinema service providers waiving VPF for November, he said some theatre owners were not speaking for the welfare of all. “A portion of VPF is being given to some theatre owners and denied to others,” he said.

Mr. Rajendar noted that it had been promised earlier that VPF would soon be abolished. The local body tax of 8% should be removed, he added. “We have been told to allow only 50% occupancy, but are still being asked to pay local body tax. We should also be protected,” he said.

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