Supply drinking water from Tamirabharani, villagers appeal to Collector


Seeking supply of drinking water from the Tamirabharani instead of supplying calcium-rich drinking water being supplied from the deep borewells that was causing kidney ailments, a group of villagers submitted a petition during the weekly grievances redressal meet held here on Monday.

In their petition, a group of villagers from Sivagnanapuram under Servaikaaranmadam village panchayat said drinking water to the residents of Sivagnanapuram, Thangammalpuram, Jakkammalpuram, Kamaraj Nagar, Servaikaaranmadam, Alwar Nagar and Senthiyambalam was being supplied from the deep borewells sunk in the irrigation tank and also in the nearby sandy areas. As calcium content in the drinking water being pumped from these borewells was high, a good number of people was suffering from gastro and nephrological complications and a few of them had succumbed to the diseases.

Though drinking water from the Tamirabharani Combined Drinking Water Scheme was being supplied to 28 village panchayats of this region, Servaikaaranmadam panchayat had been excluded from the project.

‘Drain rainwater’

Residents of P and T Colony submitted a petition seeking draining of rainwater stagnating in their area for the past few weeks. “Since the sewage has mixed-up with the stagnant rainwater, life has become miserable in our area. Hence, drainage channels should be constructed properly in our area – streets from 13 to 16,” the residents said.

A group of villagers from Mela Thattappaarai submitted a petition against the proposal to establish an oil refinery in their area. The villagers said 2,200 acres of land close to Mela Thattappaarai, Keezha Thattappaarai, South Silukkanpatti, Allikulam, Ramasamypuram, Paeroorani and Umarikottai was to be acquired for establishing an oil refinery. If the factory was established, it would seriously pollute these villages and hence the refinery should be shifted to some other place away from the villages, they said.

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