Statue installed sans nod covered with cloth

A Bharat Mata statue installed on the premises of Esakki Amman Temple at Kattuvilai Junction near Thenthaamaraikulam a week ago without obtaining permission was covered with cloth on Saturday.

When a group of people opposed, the police asked the temple administrators to remove the statue. When they did not, the police covered it with a cloth. But a group of BJP cadre, led by party’s district president Dharmaraj, removed the cloth and garlanded the statue on Saturday. As the police covered the statue after they left, the cadre rushed to the temple again and picked up an argument with the police. They uncovered the statue again and staged a dharna.

Since the police arrested the cadre, it triggered road roko at 15 places in which around 500 persons were arrested and released later. The police covered the statue once again.

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