State appoints 168 law officers to represent it before High Court

The State Government has appointed 31 Special Government Pleaders, 48 Additional Government Pleaders, 64 Government Advocates (civil side) and 25 Government Advocates (criminal side) to represent it before the Madras High Court and Madurai Bench.

According to a Government Order (G.O.), advocates T. Chandrasekaran, A. Edwin Prabakar, R. Anitha, D. Ravichander, Yogesh Kannadasan, G. Nanmaran, P. Subbaraj and A.K. Manickam and 23 others would serve as Special Government Pleaders.

Similarly, a separate G.O. issued for the appointment of Additional Government Pleaders stated that advocates J.C. Durairaj, Richardson Wilson, B. Vijay, S. John J. Rajah Singh and C. Harsha Raj, B. Saravanan, A. Kannan and D. Sadiq Raja and 40 others would hold the post.

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