SilverLine only for the elite: Satheesan

V.D. Satheesan, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, on Friday said that how anti-people was the SilverLine railway project became apparent when some pages of the detailed project report (DPR) appeared in the public domain.

The DPR, he told the media here, was against developing the national highways in order to make the railway project successful. It also was in favour of increasing the fare of second and third A/C tickets in regular trains. The DPR, he said, also pointed to the need to increase toll charges on roads besides increasing bus fare. It all showed that the SilverLine project was for an elite class of people, Mr. Satheesan alleged.

How would a government that claimed itself to be a Communists-led government implement such an anti-people project, he asked. Mr. Satheesan also accused the State Government of copying the Narendra Modi-led Union Government’s approach of moving away from planning process-led development to just implementing “projects”.

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