Shops at Gani market witness brisk sales

Traders warned against violating COVID-19 safety protocols

With just 10 days left for Deepavali, wholesale and retail sales at E.K.M. Abdul Gani Textile Market (Gani Market) witnessed brisk sales on Tuesday.

While 370 shops function on all the days, as many as 730 weekly shops function only from Monday evening to Tuesday night at Panneerselvam Park in the city. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, shopkeepers lost their business for over six months.

Merchants from other districts started arriving from Monday evening and the traders at the market did bulk transactions till Tuesday evening. A large number of people thronged the shops on Tuesday and made retail purchases.

“As expected, Deepavali sales was very good”, said S. Sakthivel, secretary, Erode Gani Market Weekly Textile Trader’s Association. He told The Hindu that since all industries have started functioning, there was cash flow among the public. “Purchase of new clothes is the top priority for the festival and business is expected to peak till next Tuesday,” he added.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 safety guidelines such as personal distancing and wearing mask were flouted by many at the market.

Corporation officials inspected the market premises on Monday evening and warned the traders.

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