Segregated waste collection in Jaipur still not a reality

Nearly 10 days after garbage segregation was initiated in 10 wards of the city, segregated collection of waste could still not become a reality.

Where garbage collection vehicles are still irregular in several parts of the city, citizens often have no awareness reading wet and dry collection of waste. Several garbage collection vehicles taking rounds of the city often do not have properly bifurcated compartments for the collection of wet and dry waste, said residents and ward corporators.

Segregated collection of waste was initiated in ward number 21, 24, 43, 40, 61, 87, 84 and 45 on May 20.

According to the JMC officials, the step was taken up to secure better score in the segregated waste collection category in the Swachh Survekshan Suvey-2020. City scored 44th rank in the Swachh Survekshan Survey2019.

Surendra Singh, corporator of ward number 84, JMC said that the door-to-door garbage collection vehicle does not frequent the ward where garbage depots have come up in several areas of the ward.

“Collection of segregated waste will be a formality when people have no awareness as to what is the difference between wet and dry waste. The garbage collection vehicle is also irregular in the area due to which several garbage depots have come up. One of the depot is also in front of the Pondrik Park where the compost machine for waste has been installed. Several health issues might develop in the residents if this continues,” said Singh.

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Residents also claim that the garbage collection vehicles lack proper compartment to differen-

tiate wet waste from the dry waste. “The garbage collection vehicle visit the area only after the complaints are made. People in my locality do not know what comprises wet and dry waste. How do they expect us to dump segregated waste in the vehicles. The vehicles also so not have proper compartment to differentiate wet waste from dry waste. The most problematic aspect of all this situation is the setting up of garbage depots at several places,” said Sanjay Rawat, a resident of Brahmapuri.

Corporators also said that the work has been initiated on a low level where the attempts are being made, but will take some time to deliver the results. Ramesh Lal Gurjar, corporator of ward number 24 said that “nearly 20-30% waste collected in my ward is segregated. Since the people do not know the difference between the wet and dry waste properly, the collection vans should mention the specifics clearly. Even as I take rounds to monitor garbage collection in my ward where we also announce to specify the difference between wet and dry waste, the initiative e will take its due course to become successful.”

Special pamphlets have been printed by the JMC in order to be distributed to let the residents understand the difference between wet and dry waste. Mayor Vishnu Dutt Sharma said that the initiative is being followed in eight wards of the city, however, will continue in the other wards as well in several phases. “We understand that there is a lack of awareness among the residents, therefore, we have got several pamphlets printed to be distributed in individual houses when the garbage collection would be carried out. Moreover, advertisements will be sent out in public interest to let the people understand the basic concepts of waste segregation,” said Sharma.

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Jun 02, 2019 12:58 IST

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