Seeking clarification does not amount to harassment: Rohini Sindhuri

Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri has dismissed the allegations of “harassment” and “high-handedness” levelled against her by her colleague from the IAS cadre Shilpa Nag, Commissioner of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC).

Ms. Sindhuri countered the allegations by stating that of late, Ms. Nag had stopped attending the COVID-19 reviews conducted by her. She also said the MCC was submitting contradictory ward-wise COVID-19 figures on new cases, deaths, and active cases. “I had ordered that it should be rectified,” said Ms. Sindhuri. “If one cannot work under such circumstances where one only has sought numbers, it is unfortunate.”

The Deputy Commissioner said that in addition, she had directed that COVID Care Centres be opened in Mysuru city, which, she emphasised, did not have a single CCC till recently, while the taluks and rural areas had opened 18 CCCs in 20 days. None of this constitutes harassment by any stretch of imagination, she said.

Referring to donations and aid coming from CSR funds from private industries for the district, Ms. Sindhuri said it was spent entirely on Mysuru city, and though she had asked for a full account on June 1, no reply had been received by her so far.

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