SDG Centre at National Institute of Engineering

The National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in the city, in coordination with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has established a centre to integrate the outreach programmes of the institute with sustainable development goals.

The SDG Centre for Youth Engagement was inaugurated on Saturday by B.J. Puttaswamy, Deputy Chairman, Karnataka State Planning Board, who spoke about the initiatives of the State government in contributing to India’s vision of achieving the SDG by 2030. He stressed that sustainable development would not be possible unless all stakeholders including the government, public sector, private sector, academic, civil society organisations, international agencies, etc., work with greater coordination.

Mr. Puttaswamy also spoke on mandatory outreach activities stipulated by the AICTE and expressed confidence the centre will be a role model for all institutions of higher learning to integrate their outreach programmes with sustainable development goals. The centre will provide ample opportunities to the faculty and students of NIE to interact with the government departments and also connect with to grassroot areas of India.

A release stated that as an initial part of this engagement, students of NIE in coordination with SDGCC will create an online platform to map youth engagement.

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