Sankranti – Liquor sales at record level in AP

 Andhra Pradesh has created a record in alcohol sales on the occasion of Sankranthi. Liquor sales have increased to a record level due to Sankranti season. It  brings huge revenue to the government. People from other states come to Andhra Pradesh in huge numbers for Sankranti festival. Along with the chicken races in Andhra Pradesh, a large number of people from  the neighboring states come to witness the festival.  On Sankranti, the sales of liquor in AP has doubled. 

There is a huge queue near liquor shops. Because of the huge queues at the liquor shops, there was the heavy traffic.  The Excise Department statistics show that Rs 213 cr worth of liquor was sold in the last 3 days.  The Officials say that more than 2.33 lakh cases of liquor and more than 83 thousand cases of beer have been sold.

If you look district-wise, the highest amount of liquor was sold in West Godavari district of Rs 27.81 crores. After that there are joint East Godavari, Krishna and the Guntur districts. On the occasion of New Year, liquor sales of Rs127 crores were in Andhra Pradesh on 31st December Now, on the occasion of Sankranthi, liquor sales were at a record level in the last three days. 

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