Ruckus in council over development of college

Comparison of MLAs sparks off heated debate among councillors

A motion to take steps to raise the standards of Government Arts and Science College, Meenchanda, led to serious political discussions and tense moments towards the end of the Kozhikode Municipal Corporation’s council meeting on Monday.

LDF councillor T.K. Shemina raised the issue of the only government college within the corporation limits, pointing out the lack of infrastructural facilities there. Presenting the motion, she said that the college had around 2,200 students and 150 employees and requested the civic body to make efforts to elevate the college to international standards.

However, her comments did not go well with the opposition members in the council, especially that of the UDF, who termed the motion an attempt to tarnish the image of MLA from Kozhikode South M.K. Muneer, in whose constituency the college is located. UDF Independent councillor K. Nirmala lashed out at Ms. Shemina claiming that the MLA was not allocated much funds for developmental works in his constituency by the LDF government.

Later, LDF councillor S. Jayasree, who retired recently as the Principal of the college, said that the MLA had cancelled a developmental project in the college, despite it being sanctioned by the State government. She also spoke of the MLA’s lackadaisical attitude regarding the development of the college.

UDF councillor Moideen Koya replied by saying that Ms. Jayasree must have forgotten the MLA’s contributions to the college and called for a comparison between the MLAs of Kozhikode North and South. While the MLA of Kozhikode North, A. Pradeep Kumar, is particularly appreciated for raising some of the schools in his constituency to international standards, Mr. Muneer did not get credit for the high academic standards of Chalappuram Government Girls’ Higher Secondary School, which has earned a far better result compared to the ‘International’ Government Vocational Higher Secondary School, Nadakkavu. “Is infrastructure everything or do results matter too?” he asked.

This kicked off a discussion about the achievements of both the MLAs and a political discussion between several councillors. LDF councillors alleged that Mr. Muneer failed to ask for funds and present his projects well, as he was busy fighting against KIIFB (Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board).

However, Mayor Beena Philip and Opposition leader K.C. Shobhita put the matter to rest announcing that the councillors irrespective of party differences will work together to better the conditions of the college.

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