Rohini court shoot-out: chargesheet reveals Tillu’s foolproof plan to kill Gogi

He coordinated, executed it from prison

The 122-page chargesheet filed in connection with the shoot-out inside a Rohini courtroom in September, resulting in the death of gangster Jitender Maan alias Gogi, reveals how the accused carefully coordinated, planned, executed, and disposed of any evidence that might have linked them to the murder.

According to the final report, which names seven persons, including the two dead assailants, as accused, the main conspirator in the case, Sunil Baliyan alias Tillu Tajpuriya, roped in co-accused and cousins Umang Yadav and Vinay Yadav to execute the killing of his rival Gogi.

Quoting Umang’s disclosure statement, the police have said that Tillu, currently lodged in Mandoli jail, got in touch through video calls with Umang months ago through a local criminal called Umesh Kala who was a friend of the latter. He told Umang about his plan to kill Gogi in court when he would be produced in the next hearing on September 24.

“Around two-and-a-half months ago, accused Tillu had discussed with him that Gogi had caused him a lot of damage and had got several of his accomplices killed,” the chargesheet read. Tillu had allegedly sent two shooters, Rahul Tyagi and Jaideep alias Jagga, in order to execute the plan and told Umang to provide them shelter in his house. “Tillu had also said that he would send another shooter from Rohtak to assist in the plan,” the police said.

Both the assailants came to Umang’s house in Delhi’s Haiderpur village. “Tillu told him [Umang] that Gogi used to be produced in court under heavy police protection and that he could be killed inside the courtroom only. According to Tillu, due to COVID-19, courts were less crowded…Umang disclosed that he had been a student of LLB and knew about the working of courts,” the chargesheet said. Thereafter, Umang was directed to arrange lawyers’ attire in order to breach the court security. Umang along with Jaideep had visited Panipat court to assess the security deployment of Gogi, the police said.

Elaborating on Vinay Yadav’s statement, the chargesheet said that he was called by Umang on September 24 to meet Rahul and Jaideep to help out in the planned murder. A car was then arranged by Umang who borrowed it from a friend. On September 24, he along with Umang, Rahul and Jaideep left Umang’s house at around 9.30 a.m. while he carried poly bags containing advocate coats and shoes for the two shooters on a separate scooty, the chargesheet states, adding that another “Nepali-looking boy”, who had been sent by Tillu met them later, dressed in lawyers’ attire.

Umang took the car to a nearby mall in Prashant Vihar where the duo changed their attires and came out wearing advocate dresses, following which Umang dropped them near the Rohini court after which they entered the premises on foot and entered his car through Gate No. 4. After meeting at the court, “they sat on a steel bench kept in front of room no. 117 A and discussed the execution plan to kill Gogi”.

“The ‘Nepali’ looking boy was not wearing the appropriate dress of an advocate. However, Rahul and Jaideep alias Jagga looked like advocates. Accused Umang Yadav told Tillu that the ‘Nepali’ looking boy was not in proper advocate look.” Following this, Tillu directed Umang to send him back and instructed Rahul and Jaideep to execute the plan, the police said.

After the shoot-out, when Umang got to know that Gogi was killed and the two assailants had been shot dead by the police, “he removed the DVR of CCTV cameras fitted inside his house. He disclosed that he had hidden the DVR inside the “chimney” in his kitchen,” the police said.

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