Robbery in retired teacher’s house


An unidentified man gained entry into the house of a retired teacher at Idayankudi near Thisayanvilai in Tirunelveli district and decamped with 50 sovereigns of gold jewels, ₹ 80,000 and other valuables. According to Uvari police Inspector Selvi, the family members of Simon (65) and Mangalam (Simon’s wife) were having dinner with their children.

The robber had reportedly gained entry from the rear side and taken away the valuables from the first floor of the house. When a woman in the house raised an alarm, the robber fled from the scene of crime.

A CCTV camera footage obtained from the neighbourhood showed a middle aged man walking down the lane wearing a shorts and had a towel around his neck. A three-wheeler goods vehicle was found abandoned near the road. Police investigations were stepped up as they were examining whether the vehicle was used by the robber.

Tank breach near Kallidaikurichi


The intermittent rain in Tirunelveli district over the last two days resulted in a tank breach near Kallidaikurichi, PWD officials said on Sunday.

Following information, the officials rushed to the spot and stopped the water by dumping sand bags. It is said that Nachiarkulam situated between Sembathimedu and Moolachi had breached. According to farmers, the tank bund had weakened during the northeast monsoon.

Repeated appeals to the PWD authorities to arrest the leaks and strengthen the bunds had fallen only on deaf ears. After the tank breached, they arrived here and did some patch up works, the farmers said.

However, the damage to the crops had already been done, they claimed and said that many fields, which had just commenced transplanting paddy saplings, were under water now. They demanded a permanent solution to strengthen the tank and also wanted the district administration to give compensation.

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