Right turn sought at busy intersection

Motorists coming from Ramapuram complain they have to drive an extra one kilometre and take a U-turn near the Porur lake to access Arcot Road

A section of motorists negotiating the intersection of Arcot Road, Mount-Poonamallee Main Road and Porur-Kundrathur Main Road in Porur, feel handicapped by the absence of a right turn.

According to the existing traffic arrangement, motorists coming from Ramapuram cannot take a right turn at the junction, which is located under the Porur flyover. They have to instead, drive straight, and cover distance of one kilometre, and take a U-turn near the Porur lake to access Arcot Road.

This arrangement is in existence since the opening of the Porur flyover in June 2017.

“The ‘U’ turn spot near the lake is congested as barricades have been placed on Mount – Poonamallee Main Road to allow motorists who want to take a U turn and those who want to proceed straight towards Poonamallee,” says B. Prabhakar, a resident of Valasaravakkam.

In contrast, motorists coming from Iyappanthangal can take a left turn to access Arcot Road and a right turn to access Porur –

Kundrathur Main Road. Likewise, motorists coming from Porur–Kundrathur Main Road can go straight and access Arcot Road. They can

also take a ‘right’ turn to access Ramapuram.

In this regard, the Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP) says that motorists coming from Iyappanthangal and Kundrathur who pass through the intersection are far higher than those coming from Ramapuram. Therefore, allowing motorists coming from Ramapuram to take a right turn will only increase the waiting time for all motorists at the junction, especially during rush hour.

“Appropriate steps will be taken to allow motorists coming from Ramapuram to access Arcot Road, at least during those hours when the volume of vehicles is low,,” says a CCTP source.

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