Revised notification on no parking zones following public suggestions

Police Commissioner modifies September 30 order that had earmarked 61 areas in city

Police Commissioner Vikash Kumar Vikash has issued a revised notification modifying his September 30 notification which had earmarked 61 areas in the city as no parking zones.

Modifications have been carried out in view of grievances and suggestions received from the general public, he said in a release here on Friday.

About 50 commercial complexes in the city, which have utilised space allotted for parking for commercial purposes have been identified. A letter to get such illegal commercial outlets removed had been sent to the Commissioner, Mangaluru City Corporation. Information about a drive conducted against 14 such commercial complexes has been communicated by the commissioner of the corporation. Hence, taking into consideration all these factors a revised notification has been issued, he said.

Accordingly, on Balmatta Road, provision has been made for parking of two-wheelers on New Balmatta Road adjacent to Ambedkar Circle.

At Surathkal Junction, on the road leading to MRPL from Surathkal Junction to Primary Health Centre, provision has been made for parking vehicles on the roadside. Due to heavy vehicular movement, three places at Padavinangady Junction had been identified as no parking zones.

However, after examining the feasibility, parking of vehicles without hampering vehicular movement has been allowed from Padavinangady Youth Club to Mugrody Cross.

The existing no parking zone from Hampankatta Road to PM Rao Road Cross, from Karnataka Bank to Navabharat Circle and from Besant Cross to Empire Mall was examined. It is now notified that starting from Hampankatta to PVS Circle and from there further along MG Road up to Ballal Bagh Cross, there will be no parking on either side of the road.

As several commercial complexes along this road have basement parking facility, notification has been made banning parking on both sides of the road and the zone has been notified as a no parking zone.

The no parking notification from Kudmul Rangarao Road to Court Road along the left side of the road has been examined. A stretch of 20 metres on the left side of this road and a stretch of 200 metres along the right side of this road have been declared as no parking zones.

The parking system from KB Katte up to Ganapathy High School has been modified. The left side of the road from KB Katte up to Janatha Bazaar has been notified as no parking zone while the existing notification for rest of the road has been continued without any change.

The road starting from the direction of Karavali Circle, i.e., from Kalpana Road I Dross up to Unity Hospital, had been identified as no parking zone. In the revised notification, the road leading from Karavali Circle to up to I Cross Vas Lane only has been notified as no parking zone. As the road from I Cross Vas Lane up to Unity Hospital is sufficiently wide, the earlier no parking notification for this stretch has been withdrawn, he said.

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