Revealed! Bigg Boss 5 Telugu makers spend big on remunerations

The controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu, which will be hosted by King Nagarjuna, is all set for a launch this Sunday. The TV lovers are eager to know about  the contestants.  The reports are coming that this time, the organizers of Bigg Boss 5 telugu are bringing popular celebrities and A listers on the board as the contestants.

The sources say that  the Channel Star Maa is spending huge amounts of money for this reality show and they have also spent a whopping amount as remuneration to bring the celebrities in the house as the contestants.

It’s not for no reason that they are ready to swallow their egos while getting scolded by  King Nagarjuna on the  television. The fat pay cheque that they will draw every week is what’s keeping the contestants of Bigg Boss put up with all this and more.  The sources say that the contract for every contestant depends on how he or she has got the show. If the channel approached them, they can demand big money. But if they approached the channel, then they end up agreeing on a paltry sum for the heck of grabbing eyeballs.

An ex-contestant revealed that the  controversial reality show’ contract includes clauses that require contestants to provoke the inmates or try and get cosy with them for more moolah.

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