Residents complain of sewage stagnation on road

Complaining of drainage stagnating on the main road in Vanamamalai Nagar leading to Duraisamy Nagar here, the residents of the area said that though they submitted several petitions to the authorities, the demand to find a solution to the problem had elicited no response.

Vehicle users and pedestrians found it difficult to cross the stretch due to the sewage and the stench emanating from the overflowing drainage. The sewage never got drained, said residents.

They said that this had led to mosquito breeding and they were facing health issues as a result. A resident, S. Bharathi, complained that even the authorities found it difficult to drain the sewage. They were yet to find a solution, he said.

A shopkeeper on the stretch said that there were also commercial establishments and a hospital located in the area. It was difficult to do business in the locality. During the rains this year the situation was even worse, she said and urged the authorities to find a solution to the problem expeditiously.

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