Reservoirs brimming with heavy inflows

Reservoirs in the district are brimming with heavy inflows, thanks to copious rains in the last few days under the impact of Cyclone Gulab, GVMC Superintendent Engineer (Water Supply) K.V.N. Ravi said on Wednesday.

According to statistics obtained from the GVMC on Wednesday, the present water levels at Meghadrigedda reservoir is 60 feet as against the Maximum Water Level of 61 feet. The MWL of Yeleru reservoir is 86.56 m, and its present level is 82.14 m. The Godavari reservoir’s max level is 18 m and its present level is 15 m. Raiwada is standing at 112.68 m as against the max water level of 114 m.

Similarly, the Thatipudi reservoir’s max water level is 297 feet, and as on Wednesday evening, its level stood at 294.40 feet. Similarly, Gambheeram Gedda’s present level is 123.9 feet as against its full level of 126 feet. Water levels in Mudasarlova reservoir, which also received good inflows, stands at 168.60 feet as against its max water level of 169 feet. The Gosthani reservoir’s preset water level is 32 feet while its full level is 35 feet.

Due to heavy inflows, some of the reservoirs had to open gates to release surplus water, which led to flooding of several low-lying areas in the district. The situation of water levels at all reservoirs is being closely monitored, Mr. Ravi said.

“There has been no dearth of water supply in the last couple of years due to rains at regular intervals. These rains have not only swelled local reservoirs, but also have increased underground water levels, which is a good sign. The city may not see any dearth of water in the near future,” a senior official from the GVMC said.

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