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Liquor shops

Liquor shops in residential areas provide only a cocktail of anger and angst to local residents. In Khairtabad area, there is one adjacent to the post office and another at Ayodhya cross on the main road. People queue up there from early morning. Why issue licence for outlets on main roads and residential areas? Even in the US, public drinking is not allowed. Here, it is no holds barred after drinking with no police to end the ordeal of local residents.

Thomas K.E.,

Red Hills

Smoke, pollution

More often than not, I come across vehicles emitting a lot of smoke. Autorickshaws need a special mention here. I wonder what fuel they fill to cause that kind of pollution. The consequence is inadvertent deterioration of health in the long run. More concerning is the indifferent attitude of both public and the authorities concerned. It would do a lot of good to everyone if the traffic police, besides clicking photos, also acts in this regard.

Shiekh Afzal,


Water supply

There are around 2,400 houses and 10,000-odd dwelling units in Old MIG, BHEL with the HMWS&SB supplying drinking water on alternative days. We were getting around 800-900 litres of water on alternative days and recently most of us have complied with the Board instructions to fix water meters. But, this has lead to drastic reduction in the quantum of water supplied on alternative days. Those with multiple (illegal) connections are using motors to draw water directly from the supply line. Also, some pipelines are more than three decades old and need replacement, especially in H-Sector to K-Sector. I earnestly appeal to HMWS&SB authorities to look into these issues.

P.O. Koshy,


Bad road

The road from WINN Hospital (near Country Club) towards Begumpet Railway station and along the railway track towards Leela Nagar has remained unattended for months. The traffic movement becomes slow due to the bad road. Two-wheelers are having a difficult time especially at night due to the uneven and cracked roads. I request the GHMC to recarpet the road in this area.

Ajit A. George,

Leela Nagar.

Need music

Hindi film music lovers were in for a shock on this New Year Day when AIR FM Vividh Bharathi station reduced the music time by up to five hours during prime time. Twin cities have residents belonging to all linguistic groups, but many do listen to Hindi film music. I earnestly request the AIR to revert to status quo.

K. Seshagiri Row,


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