Ramadoss’ Facebook post sets off speculation

PMK founder S. Ramadoss’s Facebook post about a conversation illustrating the struggles of a candidate who had to shell out a substantial amount of money to win a Lok Sabha seat triggered speculation as to whom he was referring to. He, however, ended his post saying it was a fictional piece.

In the post, Dr. Ramadoss talks about how the candidate, who won with a margin of over 4.5 lakh votes, was made to spend close to ₹60 crore just on bribing voters. “For the 7.5 lakh votes that the candidate received, ₹81 crore was spent. The price of one vote was ₹1,000," he said.

Dr. Ramadoss said the candidate was convinced by party members to spend over and above what he/she could afford, in the expectation that he/she could become a Central Minister.

“The candidate not only became an MP but also became empty,” he said.

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