Rakul Preet Singh: Vaisshnav Tej eyes are very powerful

Director Krish and Vaisshnav Tej are coming up with an action thriller drama Konda Polam, which is slated to hit the theaters on 8th October. The movie is carrying good buzz and the team is busy in the promotional activities. Konda Polam is all about the story of a shepherd named Kataru Ravindra who goes on to become an IAS officer.  Rakul Preet Singh is playing the role of  a village girl.

Recently during the media interaction  Rakul Preet Singh talked about this film and said, “Acting in the jungle was so exciting. We are at home due to lockdown. Shooting in the woods after that seemed like a lot of fun. I shot this movie Konda Polam  before I got infected with Coronavirus.  The movie  was almost completed on a single schedule. The team was staying at a resort in Vikarabad and there was no permission to shoot at night.”

About the actor Vaisshnav  Tej, Rakul Preet Singh said that his eyes are very powerful. He is very patient. There is no such thing as overconfidence. Vaisshnav also has a huge quest to learn new things.

According to Rakul Preet Singh, “Obulamma is one character I  will be proud of doing after coming out of my comfort zone for Konda Polam.”

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