Rajamouli's new luxury car

Rajamouli, one of the star directors of Tollywood, has taken another blockbuster hit into account with the RRR movie. Despite not having a chance to break the records of Bahubali 2 collections in the RRR full run, this film has grossed over Rs 1100 crore.

Rajamouli is getting remuneration in the eye-catching range for each film. Rajamouli’s remuneration is higher than that of many Tollywood stars. Rajamouli is wisely investing all the money he earns through movies. Recently, Rajamouli bought a new car. Jakkanna buys a Volvo XC40 and photos of it go viral. It is learned that the cost of this car is 44 lakh 50 thousand rupees.

Netizens are commenting that the car is very good while the car is in Fusion Red color. Information that this car has many amazing features. The car seems to have dual zone climate control as well as a panoramic sunroof, wireless charging and other features. Volvo Cars India spokesperson handed over the locks to Rajamouli.

Volvo Cars India has been sharing the photos on Instagram. Netizens are congratulating Rajamouli on his purchase of a new car. On the other hand, Rajamouli, who has been resting for a while as the RRR movie has become a huge blockbuster hit, will focus on Mahesh Babu’s after that.

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