Puthiya Tamilagam leader asks Election Commission to be more vigilant

Krishnasamy says major parties violated poll expenditure limits

Alleging that major political parties violated election expenditure limits, Puthiya Tamilagam leader K. Krishnasamy on Monday urged the Election Commission to tighten surveillance to prevent the practice.

Addressing journalists in Dindigul, he alleged that parties with money and resources alone won in elections. He felt symbols should not be permanently allotted to parties. The EC must instil confidence in the electorate by giving a level-playing field to all registered parties, he said.

The EC must take note of early campaigns launched by some political parties. Campaigns must be restricted to post-notification of election schedule.

While welcoming the Centre’s move to classify seven Scheduled Caste sub-sects under the title, ‘Devendrakula Velalar’, he said the community was sentimentally hurt as it continued in the SC list. “We want to be in the mainstream,” he said, claiming that the community did not want to be given reservations.

He urged the Centre and State governments to jointly work to reduce fuel tax.

His party would hold a seminar on ‘Development of Tamil Nadu’ on March 4 in which the poll related issues including the alliance would be decided, he said.

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